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  • ·   Wireless Networks & Solutions
  • ·   IT Infrastructure Design & Upgrades
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TNS computer network services provides support data, video, application, storage, and communications & Network Services team designs, integrates, commissions and maintains communications networks of any size and scope across Australia

Total Network Solutions Australia can offer a wide range of IT consultancy, services, and technology requirements to your business.  We can provide IT support and maintenance services, desktop support, remote helpdesk and a specialist IT consultant for a particular project or technology.

Why choose TNS?

·         Exceptional Customer Service

·         Experts in network management

·         End to End Solutions and Services

·         Multi-vendor capabilities

·         We are customer centric

·         Multi-platform skills

·         Direct access to local expertise

·         A proven track record



Network Management & Maintenance

Total Network Solutions Australia can provide a focused network management service to optimise network performance and uptime. The right design and cable installation are critical to overall network reliability. According to Gartner2, the average cost of network downtime is estimated to be $5,600 per minute, which is well over $300,000 per hour*!

Network downtime will result in:

·         Communication flow congestion

·         Productivity Drop and Deficiency

·         Expenses of back up and restoration often at high costs

·         Customers’ Dissatisfaction

·         Staff frustration and high levels of workplace stress

·         Brand equity and market position suffers

·         Loosing revenue

 TNS can simply help you avoid the downtime disaster by providing:

·         Specialist IT consultant for a particular project or technology

·         Ongoing IT support and maintenance services

·         Desktop support and remote helpdesk services

With years of experience in managing complicated large IT environments, TNS understands what key performance indicators to monitor and how to manage alerts to keep services up-and-running. Using the latest monitoring technologies, we can proactively discover the potential risks ad threats and prevent any hiccup in your network normal performance.

*Source: Gartner Blogs, The Cost of Downtime,

Our Management and Maintenance Packages:

We proudly offer three levels of support and maintenance. That enables our customers to pick the most suitable package based on their requirements and budget. Our monthly / annual maintenance rates are fixed and predicted so there would not be any surprise in our customers’ IT support budget.

Level 1: Standard Network Management:

A support service customised to provide:  network supervision, monitoring, performance indicators and alerts to assist in network management

Level 2: Professional Network Management:

The professional package would be suitable for the organizations with requirements for extra support and management on top of network monitoring and alert providing. Professional package doesn’t contain a rigorous SLA and for organization with needs for stringent SLAs, the Premium Network Management package would be ideal.


Level 3: Premium Network Management

The premium level is offering a super professional and comprehensive management to guarantee the desired performance, availability, accessibility, mobility, reliability and continuity. The premium top service level ensures a smooth workflow and is supported by strict SLAs.


Network Audits

Our IT audit service can assess your network performance and provide a health check of your IT systems to ensure your network and IT systems are being maintained properly and securely. By using TNS audit services you can discover whether your network topology and devices are set to function at the optimal performance.

Regular network auditing is essential to your business if communication, information security, workflow performance, operation cost and your level of customer service are highlights of your company strategies.

As a part of our pre-sales consultation process, we happily provide a free of charge network audit to demonstrate a better picture of your IT system’s existing risks, potentials and areas to complement. We aim to create a transparent image of your network topology and design the most effective maintenance or upgrade plan that perfectly aligns with your business strategies and pillars.

A comprehensive and professional network audit can:

  • Identify the security risks and protection level
  • Illustrate the network design and topology
  • Evaluate the backup and disaster recovery systems
  • Verify compliance for specific internal business process or project outcomes
  • Suggest the best and most cost effective solutions to optimise the network performance, efficiency and security


Wireless Networks & Solutions

·         Communication is not dependent on wires anymore!

·         Our future is shaping on cordless platforms!

TNS has a team of experienced and knowledgeable Wireless engineers who are experts in designing, implementing and managing wireless networks. We guarantee security, agility and reliability in our designed WAN, LAN and wireless projects. Our expertise is engineering the most effective and efficient wireless solutions by applying the highest levels of Connectivity, Security (filtering and firewall), Routing and Switching,


Backup, Storage & Disaster Recovery

Total Network Solutions can provide cost effective, integrated and agile storage systems and solutions. Nowadays, information is the most critical segment of any typical business, so any organisation should be prepared to respond quickly in the case of a disaster or IT failure. With years of extensive experience in designing and building agile and cost effective systems and storage solutions, TNS can readily design and implement integrated on-premise, hosted, virtualisation and back-up systems.

A simple and short term network downtime can potentially leave significant negative impacts on overall organisation’s operations which could eventually lead to thousands of dollars loss in revenue, efficiency drop and poor customer service.

Our comprehensive back up & disaster recovery action plan will be designed to guarantee:

·         Your organisation is prepared for unexpected disasters and can get back up and running with minimal delay and disruption to the business.

·         In case of natural disasters or crisis caused by flood, fire, earthquake… the major electricity outage, physical impacts or severe internet connection loss, your data and precious information are safe and secure.

·         Your IT system and storage environments can smoothly manage the complicated production workloads, data management and business application requirements.


IT Infrastructure Design & Upgrades

The right design and installation are critical to overall network reliability. It is vital to any organization to have a reliable and consistent IT infrastructure and communication flow.

Network downtime will result in:


·         Communication flow congestion

·         Productivity Drop and Deficiency

·         Expenses of back up and restoration often at high costs

·         Customers’ Dissatisfaction

·         Staff frustration and high levels of workplace stress

·         Brand equity and market position suffers

·         Loosing Revenue

Managing availability and performance of IT Infrastructure – systems, networks and voice environments is a critical, but cumbersome task for an IT department, and delays in resolving issues can bring your organisation’s operations to a standstill.

Our Infrastructure design and upgrade solutions cover:

·         Networks;

·         Server & storage environments;

·         Voice environments.

·         Our Infrastructure services provide:

·         Effective Change Management

·         Fault Impact Reduction

·         Industry-leading tools

·         Prepare for the future

·         Incident Prevention

·         Eliminate ongoing problems

·         Protect against vulnerabilities.

·         Reduce carrier hassles

·         Understand your IT environment


  Remote Access

    Your customers want service, and they want it now! From quotes and proposals to support and accounts information, the expectation of the modern customer is to be able to receive the information they need quickly. This could be a serious challenge for staff if they can only access information from one resource – the PC on their desks.

Mobilising your infrastructure will provide a 24/7 access to the information your staff require from anywhere at any time and will allow them to stay in touch with customers. From broad scale communication and collaboration solutions, to improving general day-to-day office productivity our Collaboration services help you improve the efficiency, work faster and smarter. Often, you already have the technology to help – it’s just a matter of building in processes and integration to deliver a streamlined user experience. Time is money and by utilizing TNS’s collaboration solutions you will save both.

Our Solutions helps simplify how people work together, makes processes and content management more efficient and improves the quality of business insight – all of which have a strategic impact on the business itself.


TNS has a range of IT solutions and services that can be tailored to meet almost any technology challenge or objective your organisation is facing. Whilst harnessing the power of technology could be challenging to any business of any shape and size, optimising the existing technology can convert your IT system from headache to asset.

Total Network Solutions provides professional IT support and consulting services to a wide range of customers across Australia. Our specialist IT consulting team can deliver the most reliable and cost effective solutions to IT issues that your organization is experiencing. If our standard support packages are not appropriate for your situation we will happily engineer an IT service plan just for you. Our high end suite of services- including IT infrastructure, communications and application services- are designed to improve the way your entire organisation works, collaborates and shares information.

  As a business owner or manager you require consistency, reliability and continuity in your IT and all your communication systems, and that’s our target too. 


Our IT consulting team has remarkable experience working with SMB and SME customers.  All of our consultants have extensive industry experience and can demonstrate a wide range of technical skill sets.  Total Network Solutions has partnerships and certifications with many industry leading vendors including Microsoft, Cisco, Lenovo, TPG, just to name a few.  However we remain vendor neutral when designing a solution for your business.  We strive to provide you with the solution that best suits your situation and budget. 

Benefits of TNS services & Solutions:

·         Keep your network up and running 24x7 and ensure your business continuity. 

·         Business Solutions Specialists.

·         Cost reduction by eliminating unnecessary task and upgrades.

·         Better Risk Management - prevent the legal consequences of network downtime.

·         Best practice IT system design, maintenance and implementation.

·         Gain competitive advantage – provide your organisation with the network infrastructure required to connect, collaborate and succeed in a digital world.

·         Increase productivity – ensure your staff have instant access to the information they need to do their job.

·         Integrated onsite and remote support services management.

·         Service level agreements and contracts to suit your budget.

·         Optimise network performance- Get the most out of your investment on Technology.

·         Higher Security level by creating a robust protection against hacking, malware and virus attacks.

·         Make informed decisions – gain in-depth network information.

·         Enjoy peace of mind – knowing your network and organisation are in good hands.

·         Custom IT support packages to meet your requirements.