Manufacturing Industry

TNS Collaboration solutions made connectivity possible for Hunterstone’s 5 remote branches in two different continents.

Manufacturing Industry

TNS International Collaboration solutions made connectivity possible for Hunter Stone’s 5 remote branches in two different continents.

Hunter Stone is now enjoying the extremely reliable and stable connection established by TNS innovative collaboration solutions between its offices in Australia, Philippines, Asia and Middle East.

TNS has provided a 24/7 access to the information the staff require from any space at any time by designing a mobilized infrastructure and this has allowed them to stay in touch with their customers from any part of the world at any time of the day or night.

.Some of the professional Collaboration and Communication developed and implemented by TNS for Hunter Stone are:

        IP Telephony

        Unified Recording, call recording and screen capture

        Business IP Telephony

        Hosted Voice

        Video Conferencing

        Messaging instant messaging (IM)


Hunter Stone has already received below benefits from TNS ICT solutions and services:

                    More productivity ;

                    Cost Reduction;

                    Save time and reduce travel cost of attending the meetings;

                    Diverse communication channels, improving communication and promoting innovation;

                    Resource and data sharing with customers and staff from anywhere;

                    Running the meetings anytime from any space;

                    Easy management and visibility of moves, adds, changes, and day-to-day administration of phone systems;

                    Real-time Audio/Visual communication from anywhere;

                    A consistent communication platform for all employees;

                    Unified messaging to ensure no calls are missed, including voicemail to email feature;

                    Retain your existing business telephone numbers with number porting service;

                    Strict Security;