Our Mission is

To assist our customers in improving their efficiencies, reducing their operation cost and expanding their market share by utilizing high quality and cost effective ICT services and solutions in the most professional manner, with reduced environmental impacts aligned with their business strategic outlook and objectives.

Our Strategy:

We normally partner with our Customers via a service level agreement (SLA), and associated relationship management business structure, whether it be any combination of helpdesk, onsite/remote maintenance and support or an arrangement of hours/days per week to service the ICT Infrastructure over a predefined time period.

As an Information and Communication Technology (ICT) consultancy we are quite unique in our approach as we have tailored flexible, scalable and efficient ICT services & solutions that cater for the small, medium and large Business and Enterprises.

We deliver more than our promises, so you can do the same for your customers!


Our Core Commitments:

We are proud to be able to deliver the following core commitments to our clients:

·         Outstanding and exceptional Customer Service.

·         Delivering Projects on time and within or under the proposed budget.

·         Excellent level of service right across the board from our different departments.

·         Innovative and cost effective solutions.

·         Following a rational and unified process, we apply best practises.

·         Being highly ethical and honest practitioners, we only look to provide services for clients who share our commitment to ethical behaviour and good corporate citizenship.

Our Main Focus is:

 To provide premium ICT Solutions, highly skilled and knowledgeable professionals dedicated to our customers’ business strategies to guarantee a successful and smooth operation of their ICT infrastructure or assisting them with delivery of their required ICT services.

We enhance our customers’ ICT Infrastructure and their ICT Services by delivering our end to end solutions and remarkable delivery of service.

Our Passion:

With believing in Technology as the foundation of almost every company our passion is to help businesses leverage their technology to bring the flexibility, mobility and reliability to their business , with real time monitoring, proactive management and strategic IT planning.

Our Main Goals:

·         Providing the unique, most cost effective, innovative and proactive solutions

·         Incorporating the business model & requirements of our Customers

·         Insuring our technology, designs & solutions are meeting and advancing our Customers strategic vision.

·         Establish a long term business relationship with our Customers.


Our Team:

Our professional and customer centric team is comprised of Technical Consultants, Network Architects, Hardware Engineers, ICT Project Managers and Helpdesk Support Technicians.


With complex networks management expertise at our core, Total Network Solutions offers holistic integrated services and infrastructure solutions engineered to improve the overall business efficiency, enhance the organizations’ performance and reduce the operation cost.