TNS supplies a wide range of top-grade, high performance, reliable and scalable Servers & Computers.

Servers : Maintain, Supply, Set up & Upgrade

Total Network Solutions supplies a wide range of top quality, high performance, reliable and customizable servers. Our servers could easily be customised according to your requirements. We listen to your essential needs and design the servers in the way that suits your goals and strategies.

We have considered reliability, redundancy, load balancing, adjacency and security throughout our designing process which can give you the peace of mind your critical information is in safe hands.

 We have been partnered with major server suppliers such as Dell, HP, IBM and Cisco, so on top of TNS scalable servers we can supply other brands too if your requirements instruct us to do so.

Desktop & Laptop: Maintain, Supply, Set up & Upgrade

As a general rule, all computer systems can significantly slow down as they age if a regular and proper maintenance routine hasn’t been put in place and this can directly affect the productivity of your staff, as well as performance of your business. We can organise regular computer health checks and provide real time maintenance services to optimise the performance of your existing machines.

Most of Australian businesses usually upgrade their PCs and Laptops every 3 years. This time period could normally be extended to 5 years depending on the business strategies and requirements by applying regular maintenance and an up to date vendor warranty.

*From the tax benefit point of view, your accounting department might advise you a lifespan of 3 years to make sure you can benefit from the maximum depreciation of asset value.

However even a fully maintained system is not going to perform as well as a more up to date model.  The overall cost of owning, maintain or upgrading an older system should always be compared to the cost of replacement. When the gain in system performance is also considered the additional cost of replacement can often be justified.   When considered over a 3-5 year period a replacement system can even offer a lower total cost of ownership.

If your business is ready to consider an upgrade or replacement of the desktop computer equipment Total Network Solutions can assist you to make sure that you get the best value for money. Desktop repair services are also included as a part of our service offering.

Why you choose TNS as your preferred supplier of your computers?

·         We customize our computers according to our customers’ requirements, so we can supply scalable computers that comply perfectly with your requirement.

·         We provide the most cost effective hardware solutions and we do so without compromising the quality.

·         We consider the latest technologies when designing our computers, for instance we use solid state disks (SSD's) instead of SATA hard drives and that will considerably improve the performance of computing machines. 

·         Not only our computers are high performance and super-efficient, but also they come in very stylish and elegant design. We have taken care of performance, efficiency and appearance simultaneously.

·         We follow a no-question warranty policy which would give you the peace of mind that you would have the minimum down time in case of hardware failure. Our warranty policy includes on spot fixing or replacing the computers which would be carried out in a timely manner. The warranty service could be delivered from 2 to 48 business hours since you report the issue according to the SLA you have agreed on.

·         We supply a wide range of computers. The diversity of our range includes: All in One computers, PCs, Notebooks, Work Stations…


·         We also supply High Performance computers. If you need a super-fast machine for your projects or day to day tasks, our unique solutions can provide the ideal computer for you. These type of our products are ideal for high processing purposes, CAD users, Real Image Rendering, Surface Modelling, 3D modelling. Time is money and our computing machines will help you save both.